Over Christmas, we wanted to visit a great-looking family restaurant. We tried to call them for a reservation – they’re 45 minutes away, so you don’t really want to show up announced to find out they’re full – but their landline wasn’t connecting. We then checked their Facebook page, and there was an alternate number – great! But when we tried it, no one answered. Then we Facebook messaged them –no reply. (And it’s been marked as seen, so no excuse, right?) So, this was a bit of a hit and miss – they used the power of their Facebook presence to alert customers to a new number, but failed to follow through with either answering the alternate number or using other means of contact – Facebook messages. Now, we wouldn’t advocate Facebook messages as the primary channel for reservations, for example, but given their phones were down, the situation called for some flexibility.


An aspect of your business, which requires this level of responsiveness, is your Social Media presence. Social Media plays well within a BIG playpen. Why? You need to leave room to be flexible, and topical. And if you don’t? Well, then you hit your head and end up being reactive.

Social Media Tip: Leave room to be flexible. If you don’t? You hit your head and end up being reactive. Click To Tweet

Surprisingly this approach requires more thought and insight than a (traditionally) structured one because it means that you’re a lot more hands on. You’re reading your audience; you’re engaging with them.

This kind of flexibility is easier to achieve when you have dedicated hands managing your account. You’ve got a business to run, you’re after some fantastic growth for 2016, it’s a lot to do. Social Media can make an impact on your business, and allow you to reach out and connect this year. Be flexible and willing to engage your audience, and reap the rewards of being an online, connected business.