Remember when ‘think tank’ was a big buzzword ? Or heaven forbid, ‘synergy.’ Yup, the generation of the textbook. People didn’t learn marketing in the here and now, watching it grow and transform. There were thick manuals, not blogs. And if you thought you knew what you were talking about you added think tank and synergy to every conversation.

You were taught that television was the holy grail of advertising and that this (one-way) communication would build a brand’s success. If consumers had an opinion, they could call the toll free number on the product, right? 

Fast-forward a little bit. Now everyone says “Social Media this and that”. And rightly so, Social Media is online. It is digital. It is modern marketing. If you’re not using it in one of its forms, it’s time to get out of that ol’ think tank.

Wait, you still think only a handful of people make use of it? 

#southafrica brings up over 3.5 million posts on Instagram. South African Tourism has an audience of 102 000 on Twitter and 57 000 on Facebook. What about the recent Fees Must Fall Protests? 52 000 Instagram posts, and at one stage over 300 tweets per minute using the hastag (Eyewitness news). And on the topic of time – 1.77 hours a day – that’s how long the average user is engaging on a social platform (GloablWebIndex GWI Social Summary Q3 2015). What are you saying to them during that time? Are you speaking to them, or communicating with them? The audience is there, where are you?

3 Quick Tips for Getting Social:

1. Sound like a human. Even if you’re a giant corporation, people like speaking to people. Really.

2. Be responsive, not reactive. What’s the difference? Once requires planning and strategy yet a flexible approach that allows your voice and brand to come through positively. Being reactive can come across as a knee-jerk response, and you run the risk of diluting your brand in the messages you post. Be mindful of how you represent yourself.

3. Content Content Content. Dynamic and well-crafted content has the potential to fight through the white noise and be heard, seen and liked, shared or retweeted.

Curate your photographs, blogs, and posts so that you’re putting your best virtual foot forward and keeping your fans interested.

It’s easy in a world of jargon and marketing speak to forget the roots of a phrase, so let’s not forget the social. Remember the humanness of it all. There are actual people on the other side of the computer/cellphone/tablet, and they’re willing to engage with you if you make the right connection.
Want real synergy? Log in and start engaging with not only your target market, engage with people. Need a little help? We’re a friendly bunch, and we love people. Really. Let us help you.