Newsletters are like postcards from old friends, jam-packed with news and content that everyone just LOVES to open, well, at least, that’s what us marketers like to tell ourselves!

The truth is that the good old newsletter has had to dust itself off in recent times and work hard to grab the attention of its desired audience.

That being said, it is still the far more effective choice when ensuring your content has 99% deliverability! But once delivered, we need to make sure it gets read and that your message has the desired effect, and that it is soliciting a call to action! ( After all, that’s why you’re sending it in the first place!)

So before you start, and before you work on your content plan for each mailer, consider the following:

  1. What do you want to achieve through your email communications?
  2. How does your Newsletter fit into your overall marketing plan?
  3. Who is your audience? You may have more than one and, therefore, need to segment the databases to achieve a better click through .
  4. What type of content is of interest to your audience? Knowing what your audience is interested in will make sure that you don’t write emails that will instantly get deleted.
  5. How often does your audience want to hear from you? Do you know?
  6. How are you building your database? New Email Subscribers: Are they profiled?
  7. How will your newsletter be promoted?
  8. How will you be tracking your newsletter performance? What are your measurables?

So it is not simply sending information out and hoping something sticks. A well planned thought out communication plan, (of which your newsletter is one element), will ensure that you reach your objectives and that the time spent developing your content shows a return through engagement and action.