Why your Facebook strategy needs a strategy.

Sure, using Facebook for your day to day is simple, but having a plan behind how you utilize Facebook for your business can make all the difference when you’re trying to get more bums in beds or feet through the (online) door. Unfortunately, some business owners fall under the assumption that creating a Facebook account is all it takes to get those occupation numbers up. Let’s take a look at three quick reasons why a Facebook strategy matters:

1) Can you see me?
Facebook’s algorithms are making it increasingly challenging to get in front of your target market. Hands on interaction and management are growing in importance as business owners and marketers work to get the right messages to the desired people in a sea of social messages. Defining who you’re speaking to, why, when and how often needs to be backed up by active (and on brand) customer engagement and carefully selected and developed content.
Hands on interaction and management are growing in importance as business owners and marketers work to get the right messages to the desired audience. #SocialMedia Click To Tweet

2) Do you like what you see?
With just about everyone having something to say online these days, having strategically curated content targeted to your audiences likes can help your name stay visible in those timeline feeds. It’s all too easy just to scroll through Facebook on your way to a meeting, at lunch, or while you’re waiting for your Dropbox to sync (that happens to others too, right?). Your business needs to be able to stand out in this fast paced catch up.

a) Create your own unique content from eye-catching graphics and key phrases, to blog posts, and information around your latest promo. Images and Questions rank as the highest engaging posts according to Buzzsumo’s mammoth Facebook analysis of over 1 billion posts. Yes billion with a ‘b’. And while you’re doing all this lovely creative stuff, remember to sound like a human being –

“The point of digital marketing is that you want to make guests feel comfortable with your brand/product even before they ‘do business’ with the company.” #SocialMedia Click To Tweet

Says Smart Octopus Platform Manager, Yolika Muscat, but that doesn’t mean you should go nuts with the posts. “Don’t overdo it. People follow various pages according to their preferences; they don’t want their timelines to be bombarded with sales pitches and ‘self-love’, by the same page, the whole day long. General rule of thumb is 2 – 3 posts a day.”

b) Be topical. If you’re running a Mother’s Day promotion, combine it with a written piece on the best advice your mom ever gave you about travel/business/baking the perfect cake, or the Top 5 Reasons your mom will love a getaway at ‘Your Awesome Name Here.’

c) Share content relevant to your audience. Have the VISA travel rules changed (again?) Share the post from the travel and tourism authority that posted the article. Add a bit of your own voice to the conversation before hitting share.

d) Recycle your information to catch a second wave. Remember those algorithms? You’ll want to post some information to your timeline more than once to grab the attention of a second set of viewers who may have missed it the first time.

“…most users see only a sliver of the potential posts in their network each day. Facebook says the average user has access to about 1,500 posts per day but only looks at 300.”

Here’s How Facebook’s Newsfeed Actually Works: http://time.com/3950525/facebook-news-feed-algorithm/

3) How about this (Ad)vantage?
Investing in Facebook Advertising can help propel your message beyond your page’s timeline and in front of a targeted demographic. Monitoring and tweaking your ads will help you to get the most out of your ad spend. Paid boosts to your most popular content (which you’ve been monitoring, right) can also work in getting your information out to a larger audience.

Did you know? Facebook boasts 2.5 million advertisers?

Unless your niece is also proficient in the ins and outs content creation and Facebook advertising, we’d suggest doing your research and finding out as much as you can about the powerful business tool that is Facebook, or else chat to us, we’re happy to help.