Get to know us

At Smart Octopus, we strongly believe in the human approach – ironic for sea creatures, we know. But being authentic in our efforts means being responsive, not reactive, and spending the time to get to know the various communities and audiences we engage with.

We have worked with the travel and lifestyle industry for over fifteen years and understand the unique challenges of communicating with the family looking for an affordable break away, to the high-end couple looking to unwind in a 5-star lodge. In between you have the coffee hunters, the wine connoisseurs, the adventure junkies and all the other interesting and varied audiences that fall in love with South African Travel. And most importantly, we know how to reach them on the platforms they’re engaging with on a daily basis. We realized that many companies have neither the time nor the resources to be active on many of these platforms on a daily basis and in today’s technologically advancing world an effective online presence is vital in the development of any business. When creating and working with online communities, we believe that you need to sell your story more than you sell your product. The online communities and users have evolved and seek more and more authenticity behind the platforms than ever before, we believe in creating real time human interactions and engagements in order to build and cultivate your online presence. Social media is a great way to create followers of your brand and natural ambassadors who will spread your name and story via word of mouth as well as through the multitude of online platforms available. User generated content (UGC) is becoming far more effective and credible than your own content. We work with several leading platforms as well as smaller niche platforms which may be suitable for clients individual requirements.

Our Work Flow

Meet & Greet

Let’s grab a coffee, or chat over Skype or email and learn more about your business, your needs, and most importantly – how we can help you generate Leads.

Planning & Strategy

Now that we know more about you, we go to work putting together an Online Strategy for your business. Who will you be talking to online, where, when and how.

Implementation & (Re)Evaluation

Having a great plan is one thing, implementing it quite another, and of course, there’s evaluating, and reevaluating the steps. How is your audience responding, what do they like, what do they LOVE? Let’s build on those love elements and grow those leads!

Industry Experience

Well established (since 2005). We started doing this before Facebook was a phenomenon and have over 15 years experience working in hospitality and travel trade.


We love what we do, YES REALLY! We are a small, enthusiastic and dynamic team. We don’t get caught up in the memos because we’re too busy getting our hands dirty.

Creative Thinkers

We love finding new and creative ways to reach your audiences and ensure your voice does not get lost in the crowd.

Customer Support

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Our Team


Owner, Strategy & Business Development and Traffic Control

An advocate for milkshake dates, being human and all things creative



Online Strategist, Content Writer and Opportunity Finder

Lover of yarn, cats and Gravity Falls. Quotes movies and songs randomly in discussions, because that’s the way it is.



Platform Manager and Multitasker

Always online Social Media muggle. I love being fit, good food, wine, road trips and taking pics of it all.