Email Marketing

Newsletters are like postcards from old friends, jam-packed with news and content that every just LOVES to open, well, at least, that’s what marketers like to tell ourselves! The truth is that the good old newsletter has had to dust itself off in recent times and work hard to grab the attention of its desired audience.

First off you need awesome content, that your audience will care about, focused on your call to action (we can help with copywriting), gorgeous design (courtesy of our in-house designer), and then the right level of interaction within the mailer. How many hyperlinks need to be included? Where are we directing our audience from here?

But wait, it’s not just about arriving in an inbox. Who actually received it? Out of those people, who read it, how many times, and did they click on that fancy button?

A strategic communication plan, (of which your newsletter is one element), will ensure that you reach your objectives and that the time spent developing your content shows a return through engagement and action.


Email Services:

Full CRM and Communication Plans
Monthly Newsletters dissemination
Newsletter and communication strategies
Newsletter template set up and design
Copywriting (additional)
Database management/profiling and subscriber acquisition