Online Strategy for your business

Create and evaluate social media strategies. Use social media analytics tools to tweak social strategies based on findings.

The online community and travel trends in general are not predictable by nature, and this needs to be a key element to consider when developing your online strategy and action plan.

We help you plan and develop paid, owned and earned media strategies.

An action plan with too many inflexible components which cannot adapt to current trends, community reactions and topical news will do little to keep your followers engaged. It is vital to be fluid enough to pick up on conversations the various audiences are having about travel & destinations and be responsive enough to create content on blogs and other social media platforms that speak to what they’re searching for.

One of the determining factors for choosing a destination nowadays is other travelers’ experiences and recommendations of a given destination. That is why we work a lot with user generated content, both on social media and other conventional communication channels.

Every audience is unique and like real humans, their moods change. We have found, through working with numerous clients in the hospitality field, that each product seems to develop a rhythm. As we engage with their audience, we can almost feel their level of interaction.

Think of it this way – you can have a transcript of a meeting on paper, but you can’t feel the conversation.

Forming relationships with brands and businesses and their audience takes into account that feeling. And with it comes a pace and rhythm of its own.

Our hands on platform manager gets a sense of response and posting times that work for the audience, and of course, there are always the metrics to back it up. We like dealing with humans and in turn, ensure that your audience feels that they are too.

We believe in a fluid model which allows us to be responsive to your audience and adjust our approach as needed based on trends, audience engagement and topical conversation points as and when they arise.