Social Advertising

Online advertising is a great compliment to your existing online presence. Drive targeted campaign traffic, or engage in awareness or reminder advertising. Showcase a new product, or promote an event – the ease and flexibility of online allows you to achieve a number of key objectives without the high costs of more traditional media.

Everyone needs a helping hand at some stage, and your content is no different. Every other holiday destination, travel product and tour operator is scrambling to get the attention of the very same client you are! So with an added kick from targeted advertising, we are able to stick your head out a little higher than the rest of the crowd. This is especially beneficial when running campaigns or appealing to new users and fans.

Smart Octopus will help you develop the right campaign for the right time and the right audience, plus we’ll design it, and write the copy to help you maximise your efforts:

Facebook Advertising Campaigns
PPC/Google Adwords