12 week personalised coaching so you can navigate your online marketing with confidence.

Digital Strategy, Planning & Implementation.

Posting for the sake of posting something and seeing no engagement?

Never looking at your social reports or analytics? No idea whether your online audience is inline with your ideal customer?

Heading head first into your digital marketing without a plan is a waste of both time and resources.

Let us help you make the most of your time spent online.

12 Week Digital Coaching

Our experienced digital marketing coaches provide personalised guidance tailored to your unique offering and goals. Not only for owner/managers but a great investment in team members who run your social platforms daily.

Online Audit

Together, we look at your current digital footprint, identify opportunities, look at consistency in your brand and whether you are reaching the right people with the right content.

Are your marketing to who you think is the right audience, or have you done the research to know who is most likely to engage with your content and convert into a sale?

Your content needs to resonate with your audience, it needs to be relevant and engaging. We look at the content topics, types and the best way to deliver the content whether it be via video, podcasts, posts or blogs.

Do you know how to read the various analytics and reports available to you? Having insight into your marketing efforts, campaigns and post performance will give you the information you need to adjust your digital strategy as and when needed.

You may not have the budget for a large scale adverting agency or brand development, but knowing the key elements of your brand and maintaining a consistent tone, will ensure you not only look professional, but that you resonate with your target audience.

it makes sense.

Access to a creative, strategic team without the large agency fees.

Not every small business or start up can afford to have a full time marketing, advertising or creative agency on board. We understand this.

Social platforms are a cost effective way to promote your business, but they require time and resources that most small teams do not have.

We work together with you to identify ways to work smarter, make the best of the resources available to you and ensure that the time you are spending online ( or paying someone) is part of a strategic plan with measurable results.

We also offer a full range of ad hoc services you can tap into as you need. From website development to electronic catalogues, newsletters and campaigns.

Tap into our ad hoc services.

You have full access to website developers, graphic designers, PR,  SEO and paid ad specialists as and when you need them.

Our network of collaborators are industry experts we have worked with over several years and many projects.


Dedicated campaigns to boost events, product launches or the start of summer. We integrate all elements of your online presence to work together to achieve your campaign goals.

E-Mags and Digital Catalogues

Digital Catalogues,  magazines and brochures are becoming an effective way to present and distribute good looking and engaging content.

How to use Whatsapp for Business

Guaranteed deliverability to a subscribed audience is any marketers dream. Effective use of Whattsapp for business can lead to increase in client relationships and conversion.

Social Media Templates

We are not all born with creative flair. Our personalised social media templates provide you with the base layouts to create. aprofessional brand image online.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Bring back mailers, targeted communications based interest groups, birthday reminder and loyalty incentives. We have moved beyond the generic reams of boring newsletters.

Website Landing Pages 

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Meet your digital partners, Mel & Simone.

With over 20 years experience in the travel, lifestyle and hospitality and 15 of those spent in the digital marketing space, Simone & Mel have worked with some of the leading lodges, wine estates, tourism boards and lifestyle brands.

We have worked as in-house consultants, full time service providers and facilitated independant training workshops.

Our passion is for the homegrown businesses, the start ups and family owned brands where the people and passion speak for themselves. We are as committed and invested in our clients success as they are and together we work as a collaborative team to make sure you are making the most of the resources you have available whilst having a well researched and strategic plan to follow.


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Divi Personal Coaching

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